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Attract more clients via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Is it time for you to jump on the social media bandwagon?

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Are social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter really a viable marketing avenue for a local business like a storage facility. The answer is YES.

Many storage owners I speak with think social media isn’t fit for a local business. Sure, if you’re a national brand like Public Storage or Extra Space then social networking makes sense. But for a local storage facility, most owners simply don’t think social networks are worth the advertising time. The irony is of course that years ago people said the same thing for websites – websites are for large corporations. Well, those are the people that missed the longtail but that’s a whole other topic.

Think of it this way…social media like Facebook and Twitter is the perfect avenue to take a step back and market to people in your community individually like you did years ago. Rather than meeting face to face however you can achieve the same results with a virtual handshake. Use this new technology to link together with local businesses and individuals without ever having to leave your computer.

Build awareness of your storage facility in the community and do it in a way that fellow networkers will appreciate. Spamming your specials on a daily basis will alienate everyone and achieve nothing. However, network the right way and watch your engagement skyrocket.

We will manage your accounts, network with other businesses and individuals in your area, and if desired manage your demographic and geotargeted Facebook CPC campaigns.

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