Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click

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What is Pay-Per-Click?

Paid Search also known as Pay-Per-Click is an advertising model by which you choose keywords you want your ads to show up on, create a budget, and start advertising within the search results. Usually found on the right hand side of a search result page, often found at the top as well.

Why do I need a paid search specialist?

Anytime I go and speak with storage owners individually or to a group at seminars I usually get the same reaction: the look on their face looks like they just sampled a sour candy. Why, often times because they’ve experienced Paid Search with the YellowPages who at the moment will sell anything despite not understanding the storage industry, or they tried Paid Search in-house. Paid Search’s success and ROI is a direct 1:1 ratio with Paid Search expertise. If you don’t understand conversion analysis, split-testing, quality score, landing page optimization, or any of the dozens of factors that goes into a successful Paid Search campaign then expect to pay a lot for every click. A specialist can take their knowledge of how the search engines rank and grade your campaign and give you the best shot at success by minimizing CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

Real People
Real Management

Every business we manage PPC ads for have people behind them why shouldn’t your PPC management company? Automated isn’t the answer. Our team will create a personal strategy for your business and implement them manually to ensure its setup and managed correctly. We will work personally with you and your team via email, conference calls, even Skype to ensure your goals are our goals. ROI (Return-on-Investment) is key for a successful PPC campaign, let’s build a strategy together that works.

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